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M.button, M.unit,

Well, that was fast. The M.button came in the mail today, faster than I expected. Props to the good people at for the fast delivery although I must say that their customer service and communication skills leave much to be desired. Anyways, I can now proceed with the Great Wiring… Fortsätt läsa M.button, M.unit,

Closing in

10439394_10152881793880922_2861203463448778481_nThe last few day I’ve been trying to figure out where the problem is and how to solve it. Although I am getting more and more experienced with every session in the garage, I don’t really know how to solve this one. I am leaning towards one of two options: either buying a used engine and put in the frame or dropping the bike off at a real mechanic to see if he can fix it. Either way, I need this bike fixed soon… Fortsätt läsa Closing in

Wiring success

11152348_10152851046535922_965905629682440053_nAt last! The wiring harness from hell has been transformed into a fully functional wiring complete with an Acewell speedometer and all. After many hours and then some, I finally managed to connect everything in a way that seems to work. I won’t know until the bike is up and running so I can see the speedometer and tachometer in action. But hey, for now I have clock power, everything lights up when I turn the key, the signals for oil pressure, neutral, turn signals and high beams work. It wasn’t easy though… Fortsätt läsa Wiring success

Current state

10982242_10152848864050922_49578096380519154_n“This wiring stuff is pretty easy. I sure know what I’m doing.” Well, that one came right back to bite me in the ass. After having replaced my broken rear turn signal on the KTM yesterday (and the other one for a coherent look), I believed that I was the master of voltage, current and resistance. Not true… Fortsätt läsa Current state

Light from the side

11129647_10152840485090922_2637179977051488061_nWhat do you do when you buy things and later realize that you might, just might, have been a little bit off track in your thinking? I am not saying it was like that, I’m just saying that my fork mounted brackets intended for my headlight and turn signals only had one mounting hole each. This has been bothering me for some time, but I figured that I would just drill holes into the brackets when it was time. Today I got another idea when I found a set of turn signals I actually intended to use to repair my KTM.  Fortsätt läsa Light from the side

Easter wrenching

IMG_5331While others were celebrating Easter in whatever way, I managed to log another fifteen hours on the bike. Pretty damn good if I may say so myself. Of course a couple of those hours could have been spared, had the powder coaters been better at masking holes and if I had decided not to paint anything but hey, everything is zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, right? Fortsätt läsa Easter wrenching

Sealing the deal

IMG5176I did it! After having hesitated for a while, I decided not to give a fuck and go for it so I did. I put on the sealant, albeit far too much. Given that it is my first time, I do hope I did a solid enough work. I only put it where it is supposed to be according to the manual and I even tightened all the bolts according to spec. There is a first for everything… Fortsätt läsa Sealing the deal