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Everyday rider

IMG6851So I couldn’t help myself. Although it was a little bit chilly, I felt the urge to twist the wrist and feel the power surge through my body, both the fleshy part and the mechanical dito. I only took the Beast from the garage to my home to have it ready for tomorrow when I’ll ride her to work but it was enough to make me happy. This makes it four days in a row which, considering the time of year, is pretty satisfactory.  Fortsätt läsa Everyday rider

Cut, chop and grind away

DremelIt finally came. Having ordered the machine a month ago, I had almost lost hope but today it came and I have no more excuses as to why I can’t finish the seat. With this Dremel 3000 I hope to be able to cut out the sheet metal base plate for the skateboard seat. I do believe the wood would have been strong enough but when riding down the road in 80 miles per hour, who wants to take chances…? Fortsätt läsa Cut, chop and grind away

Brake service

BrakeMotorcycles are not only the best therapy there is, magical beasts of steel and physics, freedom distilled and delivered in powerful punches, but they are also excellent metaphors for life. If you don’t actively work on them, they won’t fix themselves. With that in mind, I did some basic cleaning of the front brake that has been giving me problems for some time.  Fortsätt läsa Brake service

Living the dream

IMG6259Well, I sure as hell ain’t but yesterday I got the rare opportunity of doing an interview with someone who’s really living the dream. In this case my dream too… The guy in the picture is Peder “The Count” Johansson of Hogtech, a world famous chopper builder specialized in the Swedish style. Or rather, one of the main prophets of that specific, and beautiful style. It was a talk that went on for hours… Fortsätt läsa Living the dream

Got my mojo back

IMG6247A month and a half… in the digital world that’s like forever. But there are reasons for this. Like the fact that WordPress seems to be a magnet for botnets trying to pick your site apart, or spammers flooding every good thing you try to do with their shit. Then there are personals reasons, like winter, work and preparation for other important aspects of life. But ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Motoguerrero is back! Fortsätt läsa Got my mojo back

How to wrap the pipes

IMG6182Or rather, how not to… But never mind, at least I got the job done. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and when I received the wraps the other day, I decided to try it out. Looking at the pipes, it wasn’t really as necessary as I thought it was. The exhaust were in decent shape with just a bit of rust and burn on parts connecting to the engine but hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?! Fortsätt läsa How to wrap the pipes

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