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Man with a mission

11822812_10153100439530922_3720793910308310134_nNobody wants to quit a race the last hundred yards, especially not me. Yesterday I didn’t get much done in the man cave due to some unexpected turn of events (the Nite Ryderz wanted to go for a cup of coffee instead), so today my goal was clear: To finish the Honda. Did I succeed in that mission? Well, both yes and no… Fortsätt läsa Man with a mission

Illusions and dreams

551336_10151406865775922_941367290_nIs the inherent awesomeness of motorcycles enough to sell them? Sometimes I feel that the big brands believe that is the case. And it might be, I don’t know, but I do feel that most of the advertising about bikes, gear and even riding is made by custom shops, retailers and aficionados like myself. It might be Sweden being a small market, but I hardly ever see any cool ads on tv, online or even in print. In motorcycle press and on the websites you’ll find it but other than that, there is a void to be filled… Fortsätt läsa Illusions and dreams

Zen and the art of being lost

IMG_3064Why is it that I’m never lost when riding my Beast but never seem to find my way around life in many other aspects? Well, of course I’ve been lost on a bike too but that is always related to some kind of deadline like having to be on time for a meeting or something like that. When I’m free riding I am never lost. I guess the cliche about the journey being the reward is true in this case. Because in life, I can never seem to find out the destination nor the patience to appreciate the journey as much as I should… Fortsätt läsa Zen and the art of being lost